1. Heavy Duty Rubber Gate Handle - Black

    This is a very strong gate handle with a soft but firm insulating grip... Learn More

  2. Undergate Aluminum Cable - 15ga - 50' Coil

    15 ga STRANDED aluminum undergate cable used to safely energize or connect two locations.

    .. Learn More

  3. Heavy Duty Gate Handle - Plated - Black

    Heavy duty gate handle that is an excellent choice for all your gates needs. .. Learn More

  4. Undergate Cable Junction - 1PK

    Undergate connection that is sealed... Learn More

  5. 2 Ring Screw in Gate End - Isobar

    Ring anchor insulator with lag screw for wood or vinyl posts. Both rings are conductive and do not move or slide allowing for the connection of your electric fence to one side and the connection of a gate handle to the other side.. Learn More

  6. 3 Point Gate Connector

    3-way Gate handle anchor insulator. Nail to wood or screw to vinyl post or sleeves. This insulator allows for 3 separate connections or gate handle anchors. Excellent for locations where animals move into separate areas and gates are required. .. Learn More

  7. Hammer Pliers

    If you have ever used the "old" version with the flat head, you will know of the difficult time you can have using the "hammer" end when nailing. This new Hammer Plier has a real hammer end in place of the old ribbed flat end. It makes for a more solid strike each time, thus reducing the overall work time for a project. .. Learn More

  8. Super Lightning Protector

    The lightning protector diverts the voltage from a lightning strike to ground before it reaches the energizer. This model has two spark gaps for increased protection. .. Learn More

  9. Electric Fence Warning Sign

    High-visibility electric fence sign printed on both sides. Compulsory every 50m on roadsides. Placement requirements may also vary by locality; please consult local codes and regulations. .. Learn More

  10. Medium Duty Gate Handle - Plated - Black

    Medium duty gate handle made for high voltage energizers. This handle has a good grip, a secure eye and hook and a strong internal compression spring for years of worry free service. .. Learn More

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